shellcase (shellcase) wrote in little_house,

Why I Like "Little House".

While I have never had the chance or time to read the books by Wilder, I remember watching the NBC tv show as a kid.

I liked watching the tv show because:

1. It examined life during a period of American history that is usually dominated by Indian wars and gunfighters. It shows how everyday people lived and tried to get by.

2. It shows how my great-grandmother (on my mother's side) grew up as a girl in the midwest. My grandmother told me stories about how my great-grandmother came across the Plains in a covered wagon to the Indiana-Kentucky area.

3. I liked comparing the fictional life of Wilder to the real life she lead. While the shows doesn't mention it, Wilder did live to the 20th century and get to ride in an airplane.

4. And while it examined everyday life for Wilder, it also showed how little life has actually changed over the decades. Many of the problems experienced by Walnut Grove are still experienced today.
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